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Ann Williams, CS, LMT

Cosmetologist, Licensed Massage Therapist



“The level of massage therapy service is fantastic. Having been a massage client of Ann Williams for many years, I am consistently impressed by her experience and professionalism. I feel better and regular massage has improved my health. Thank you! Ann” 5/19/2000

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a person you can trust. Ann Williams was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of massage therapy service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work! Ann” 8/2010

"I have been receiving massages from Ann Williams at Bellbrook Massage since April of 2005. At the time I was teaching middle school and had constant neck and back pain. My doctor did adjustments, but suggested that I try massage. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia soon after I started seeing Ann. I see regular massage as a necessary part of my health and well-being. It has made such a difference in my pain level! She knows just where a problem area is and will help with relaxation, pain or sports massage. I don’t know what I would do without her!"

D.M., Washington Township 8/2010

"I have seen Ann Williams for many years on a regular basis. Her massages are both relaxing and restorative, both to the body and the mind. Having gotten massages from other therapists, I can say unequivocally that Ann’s are the best. Experience one of life’s simple pleasures and place yourself in Ann’s skilled hands." T.T. 2/2013

"I can move more easily and have less pain after Ann works on me. Her talent with the deep tissue massage has relieved my fibromyalgia and allowed me to stay active. I appreciate her professionalism and skill." R.C. 2/2013

"I had my first massage with Ann on November 1, 1999. I never had a massage before and thought what a personal issue it was to seek a therapist that I would be comfortable with. When I met Ann, she was very professional and put me at ease. From my first massage I started feeling better physically and was much more relaxed. I have been receiving massage therapy once a month since my first visit. We had postponed a few visits due to family issues, but I always make sure to arrange my visits in advance so I keep on schedule." L.S. 2/2013

"I have been seeing Ann Williams at Bellbrook Massage on a weekly basis for many years. I began receiving weekly massages about 25 years ago after my doctor suggested I see a massage therapist for treatment of neck spasms. Ann is by far one of the best I have ever had. She listens to me and always finds the problem area that bothers me. She exudes professionalism and the environment she provides is one of the most soothing and relaxing I have experienced. Weekly massages with Ann are essential to my well being and I always arrange them in advance to make sure I don't miss a week!" K.J., Spring Valley Township 2/2013

"Teaching my yoga class tonight was made possible by an S.O.S. request to at nearby Bellbrook Massage Therapy for a massage to relax my overly tight neck/shoulder muscle that was giving me a debilitating headache. Thanks, Anne, for your healing touch, the relief kicked in just moments before yoga class began!" C.D. Divine Breath Yoga, LLC 5/2013

"Ann was great. She was pleasant and conversational. Her rates are reasonable for someone of her experience. She was interested in the long term health and care of my fiancé and me. We will be booking again and again." J.P. 6/2013

"Listened carefully to requirements and succeeded in reducing swelling and inflammation of the face." Anonymous 7/2014

"Convenience to have someone come over instead of leaving the house." Anonymous 7/2014

"Ann was very professional. She helped me relax and made sure i knew what she was doing all the way until the end. She’s very nice as a person. If you feel like visiting that stress free , worry free place, she will be your guy." M. S. 3/2015

"Been enjoying monthly massages for over 10 years. Makes me feel great when I am feeling good and makes me feel better when I'm not at my best. Bellbrook Massage Therapy helped my shoulder feel much better after an injury...I think I had a speedier recovery because of the massages I got." S.D. 3/2015

"I have been going to Bellbrook Massage Therapy for a little under 4 years. Ann Williams is professional and very skilled at massage therapy. I always leave feeling like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders!" S.W. 3/2015

"I have been enjoying the services of a massage therapist for over thirty years. I have been with Ann for many years and she is one of the finest I have encountered." K.J. 3/2015

"I have used Ann as my massage therapist for many years. She is able to provide both relaxation massages as well as focused massages following strains, injury, or post-athletic events. She is professional and provides excellent service." L.L. 5/2016

"I have been going to Ann for a long time. Very professional and relaxing. The best hour of my month." V.H. 6/2016

"Thoughtfulness, a commitment to the art form and the science; Pointed attach it to detail about scheduling and administrative items make the experience start and end without any hiccups. My tightness, aches and pains were carried away by the intuitive touch of Ann. I have already rescheduled for what I know as one of the best massages I've had." Clint P. 4/2019

"Ann is amazing!! I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and have found monthly massage to be crucial for my own health and wellness. I have been to other therapists, but Ann is by far the best! Highly recommend her." Sharon C. 4/2019

"She listens to clients and adjusts her massages to what the client needs especially with chronic pain!!" Dotti H 4/2019

"Ann has done lashes for me since 2018. Her room is very professional and comfortable. She is meticulous in the lash work and my eyes look great all day every day." R.W. 4/2019

"Best LMT in this area! Highly recommend." Barb P. 4/2019

"I have been getting weekly massages for over 30 years and to have gone to Bellbrook Massage since 11/2007. Ann Williams, LMT gives an excellent massage and is one of the best massage therapists I have ever encountered. I highly recommend her." Kathleen J. 4/2019